La Distillerie Toufic Cham et Fils

Toufic Cham began making Arak in 1937 in Sebhel, a small village Northern Lebanon.

Sebhel is known of its vineyards and its name means the “Goddess of Wine”. Toufic worked long hours and hard to make Arak for the North area.

During the French mandate, Toufic Cham and Brothers used to sell the French and Australian army Arak.

During the mandate, he used to sell the French and Australian army. Afterwards, Toufic Cham and brothers changed its name into Toufic Cham and Sons.

Aside making Arak, they also produced wine Muscat and started to export to Australia, South Africa and Canada until the civil war started in Lebanon where the bottling factory in Tripoli was destroyed, which led the production to become local only.

Arak Sibaali, was considered one of the best Arak in Lebanon, and it was distributed all over Lebanon.

Arak Sibaali received many awards, and is still using the old way of fermentation, distillation and aging in clay jars.

Toufic Cham and Sons products:

  • Arak
  • Wine
  • Brandy
  • Non alcoholic Syrups

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