Change_your_Bag# campaign is aimed to reduce the use of plastic bags.

Why should we stop using plastic bags?
Zgharta should be a plastic free and an eco-friendly city.
To start working on our objective, we need to start educating people about the effect of plastic on our environment. Finding an alternative to shopping plastic bags is a good start and we aim to target 20% of the inhabitants on phase 1.
The idea is to find sponsors to cover the cost of the fabric bags and the cost of advertising campaign that will promote the use of the new type of bags.
These bags will be distributed for free to the people who show interest in using them (The 20% target) and work on promoting the advantage and the responsibility of the people toward protecting their environment.

Plastic bags pollute our land and water
Because they are so lightweight, plastic bags can travel long distances by wind and water. They litter our landscapes, get caught in fences and trees, float around in waterways, and can eventually make their way into the sea.

Burning plastic bags releases harmful gases
Plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources and contribute to climate change
The majority of plastic bags are made of polypropylene, a material that is made from petroleum and natural gas.

Plastic bags never break down
Petroleum-based plastic bags do not truly degrade.

Plastic bags are harmful to wildlife and marine life
Plastic bags and their associated plastic pieces are often mistaken for food by animals, birds, and marine life like fish.

Plastic bags are harmful to human health
When marine organisms consume plastics in our sea, these chemicals can make their way through the sea’s food web and then into humans who eat fish and other marine organisms.

Plastic bags are not easy to recycle
As plastic bags tend to get caught in recycling machinery, most recycling facilities do not have the capacity to recycle plastic bags and therefore do not accept them.

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